Opening Credits that Are as Remarkable as the TV Show’s Storyline

Back then (you remember when), there was no other way to watch a series but on television. You had no choice but to watch the intro, since there was no navigation section — jumping to a scene was impossible. Your excitement for the episode would have to wait; sometimes, it could be quite annoying. Today’s streaming platforms can allow a person to skip or play the whole opening credits of a show. It can be through a “skip intro” button or navigating your way to the seek bar. These features are helpful, enabling you to skip scenes and go straight to the exciting part.

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People may consider opening credits as a minor show detail, but there are intros you can’t help but watch. These are the opening credits where you can’t help but sing along — a song where you memorized the lyrics by heart. Sometimes, important details are shown on the opening credits, so skipping isn’t advised. People who love to watch television series have similar experiences with those shows. The series becomes even better for them because of the intro — it is part of the experience.

In AskReddit, this topic was opened by ConfusedDuck02 with a question, “What’s a TV show’s opening credits you never skip?” With how interesting the question is, it received 27.6k comments. Television show enthusiasts have shared their thoughts, which led to a long thread of replies. The comment section became a hot discussion place — you’ll surely want to join once you read it.

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Some answers gained thousands of upvotes, and you’ll find them on this list. Did you skip or play the following opening credits below?

X Files

The introduction of this show adds up to the mystery that lies in each episode. SuvenPan shared this to the thread and has gained 10.3 k upvotes. Replies to his answer were about their experiences and sentiments towards X Files. BakerYeast commented, “That intro music was so scary when I was a child.” The opening credits were so memorable that you’ll remember the eerie vibes it gives off, even as an adult.


Aside from the intriguing storyline, Narcos has an amazing opening credit. The comment from clxx2 has gained the attention of the show’s fans — which resulted in 4.8k upvotes. They shared all the things they love about Narcos and its opening credits. The lyrics were remarkable, as commented by inbredandapothead, “Soy el fuego que arde tu piel.” Aside from the music, the aesthetic composition of details in the intro was pointed out by hbomberman. He replied, “One of the nice things about Narcos’ opening was that as the story progressed, you could spot the clips/people shown in the opening.”


This cartoon show’s opening credit has everything! From the song to the fun montage of scenes, you’ll definitely want to finish it. DuckTales’ theme song will make you sing along — whether you’re a child or an adult. It seems that the comment from _Muetzoline_ made thousands of people nostalgic because it received 15.8k upvotes and hundreds of replies. Reddit users even had fun commenting lines from the song on the thread, which was started by SilverInteresting369 and Brian18369.

Game of Thrones

The opening credits of Game of Thrones have that fantastic composition of animation and phenomenal score, and it will literally give you goosebumps. Ramin Djawadi amazingly created a masterpiece — which is only appropriate for one of the most watched series on television. The comment from pp918479 started a discussion between the fans of the show. Game of Thrones was that show that could make you feel something even by just watching its introduction. It was a significant part of the series — taking you to the seven kingdoms before the episode blows your mind or breaks your heart.


Music does the trick! Futurama is one of those shows that has an iconic intro because of its score. The show was shared by pmmpsu, and it accumulated 11.3k upvotes. Reddit users on the thread shared information about what inspired the opening theme song of the show. According to elriggo44, the theme was based on Pierre Henré’s Psyche Rock. The intro song was so great that Sheacat77 commented, “The Futurama theme is my ring tone. It makes me happy when people call instead of being annoyed that someone called me.” With an awesome opening theme, anyone would want to finish it.

The television series mentioned above were just a few of the shows from the Reddit thread. Many people have shared their favorite opening credits, and you might want to join the conversation. The show you love might not be part of the discussion yet — someone might be waiting for you. Aside from that, you can even use the Reddit thread to find the next show you’ll love — from the opening theme until the final season.

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