Woman Bravely Rescues One-Eyed Bald Eagle from Freezing to Death in Ice-cold River

This bird was in danger of freezing to death near the shore of an ice-cold river!

And when a woman tried to rescue it, it suddenly flew — but it flew back into the river. The eagle was too weak, unable to flap her wings enough to get her to safety.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Despite not having a net, this woman bravely caught the eagle with a blanket from her boat. She took it out of the water carefully, then they sailed back with the bird and hurried to a feed shed where there were various cages.

Luckily, they found a cage where the eagle could fit comfortably with its huge wings, which have a span of eight feet. Next, the rescuer tried to feed the eagle, but it was too exhausted. She decided to feed it by hand, and the bird began to eat hungrily. She also dried its wings and wrapped the cage with a tarp to keep it warm.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

As she cared for the female eagle, the woman noticed that her right eye was blind. Something had punctured it, but she was able to stay alive, to the relief and gratitude of her rescuer.

Another thing for which she was thankful was the condition of her wings. Her wings were undamaged and only needed a good preening and some cream.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Two weeks passed, and the eagle was able to regain its strength. Her rescuer did not think it was right to keep her in a cage.

And so she set the eagle free. Back to the wild, where she flew proudly in the sky! It did not matter if she has only one good eye remaining. Her rescuer knew the bird’s happiness is her liberty!

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