Labrador Retriever Falls In Love With A Pumpkin

Autumn might be almost over, but it’s not over for one little lab named Ollie who became obsessed with a pumpkin.

Ollie’s owner first shared the story to TikTok, documenting their dog’s obsession with the bright orange gourd.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

Since the video went viral, Ollie’s fans were curious to know what came next for Ollie and his pumpkin.

Unfortunately, after two weeks of being Ollie’s constant companion, the pumpkin was starting to show its age.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

The stem ended up falling off, meaning that Ollie couldn’t pick it up and carry it around with him anymore. His owner solved this issue by giving ollie a basket in which he could carry around his pumpkin. But, this only made it more obvious that the pumpkin’s days were numbered.

There was only so much time the pumpkin could spend in the refrigerator before it was no longer viable, leading the owner to start to worry about what would come next for Ollie and his pumpkin.

Photo: TikTok/@good.boy.ollie

We can only hope a solution was found.

Check out the adorable TikTok video below:

@good.boy.ollie Pumpkin update! The end is near #pumpkin #dogsoftiktok #labrador ♬ Oh Klahoma – Jack Stauber

What do you think of Ollie and his emotional support pumpkin? Has your dog ever become attached to something out of the ordinary? Let us know!

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