Teen Eagle Scout Raises $77k, Builds First Veteran Memorial In His Hometown

Olivia is a small town in Minnesota that is home to many veterans, yet the town never had any sort of memorial for them to visit.

Until now.

17-year-old Eagle Scout Dominique Claseman comes from a family of veterans, including his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all whom served.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

So when Claseman had to choose a goal for his Eagle Scout’s project, he decided to build his hometown’s very first veterans memorial.

First, he visited other veterans memorials in nearby towns in order to get some ideas to come up with his own design.

His next step was to make a fundraiser in order to raise enough money to make his design come to life.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

Since the scouts are not allowed to use digital communications for their projects, Claseman got to work going door to door and launching flyer campaigns to spread the word. He also spoke of his idea at local events and ended up raising way more than he ever thought he would.

The community loved Claseman’s idea so much that their donations helped him raise $77,777 for his project!

The memorial features 280 engraved pavers with 21 boot prints stamped into the concrete, leading to flag poles. There are places for the community to sit that are surrounded by beautiful landscaped plants.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

The finished product was unveiled to the public on Memorial Day in a ceremony, where the community expressed how much they appreciated what Clasman had done for their little town.

Thanks to Claseman, veterans and their families in the community have a place to go, where they can remember their service or their loved ones.

Hear more of this inspiring story in the video below:

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