World’s Oldest Two-Headed Tortoise Celebrates 25th Birthday with a Bang!

No. 1 amazing fact about Janus is that he is a two-headed tortoise!

No. 2 amazing fact about Janus is that he is now 25 years old, making him the oldest two-headed tortoise in the world!

What’s more, the Geneva Natural History Museum has prepared a party for him to celebrate the memorable day! The museum has been his home since birth, where Janus lives the good life.

Photo: YouTube/euronews

Oh yes, for Janus, even if he is in captivity, his life is a real blessing. If he were in the wild, he would not last long, since there is no way he can hide his two heads in one shell.

Along with his two heads, Janus has two hearts and two sets of lungs but just one digestive system. But the latter does not mean that he is not picky about food.

The fact is that Janus also has two personalities, which compete for control over his one body from time to time.

Photo: YouTube/euronews

“What I’ve noticed is that the right head is more curious, more awake, it has a much stronger personality,” explained Angelica Bourgoin, one of his keepers. “The left head is more passive and very greedy.”

Bourgoin added that one of the heads likes endives, while the other is fond of carrots.

Janus has survived 25 years due to his healthy and luxurious lifestyle. Who else among the tortoises of the world has received the kind of care that the museum gives him — organic salad for diet, daily massages and baths in green tea and chamomile, regular walks that are sometimes accompanied by music, and rides on a specially-designed skateboard?

Photo: YouTube/euronews

Bourgoin also said that she plays music to wake up Janus every morning and talks with the tortoise regularly to make him feel really cherished.

That’s the secret of his longevity.

No, being two-headed with two distinct personalities is not easy. But Janus’s life must still be the envy of many tortoises, especially because of the tender loving care he gets showered with every day.

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