Disabled Vet Who Has Never Played Video Games Asks Reddit What Game She Should Play

A month ago, a precious soul took to Reddit and asked the gaming community a simple question.

Tens of thousands of people replied to the question, and the thread has amassed over 60k upvotes. The question really seems to have brought out the most caring and compassionate (not to mention informative) side of Reddit.

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“As a 56 year old lady who has never played video games, which one would be good to start with?

“I don’t have any equipment yet, but hoping to get some soon. I have a 2021 MacBook Pro. Divorced in 2020 and kids went to college last year. I’m tired of tv. Thank you.”

Answering this kind of question is quite hard, as there are all sorts of game genres available, and age doesn’t really come into play when choosing a game. At least, I don’t think so.

Redditors were quick to ask some follow-up questions to give the best answer they could. Some asked what interests the OP, giving her options if she wanted something stimulating, challenging, or maybe more casual or relaxing.

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To answer the numerous questions in her original post, she added some details in her original post.

“Editing to add: Wow! Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond! I felt stupid posting this.

“I am a 100% disabled vet who spends a lot of time alone.

“I read nonfiction mostly. Some of my favorite movies/shows are: The Fifth Element, the recent Bullet Train movie with Brad Pitt, Mars Attacks and 12 Monkeys. I like dark humor.”

Now, first off, the OP shouldn’t feel stupid for posting her question. Remember, there are no stupid questions. Second, this precious soul turns out to be a disabled vet. Bless her. Third, we now know some of her interests, which is helpful information. Redditors can now suggest games that contain the same vibe as her interests.

As a gamer myself, I highly recommend playing Stardew Valley for those who want a casual game session, but it can be challenging as well. This game was also suggested in the comments and was highly upvoted.

Another comment that has almost 15k upvotes suggested that OP get a game subscription so she could try a lot of different games and choose what suits her the most.

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Check out the original post below! The comments section offers a lot of great advice and suggestions. Also, check out the many awards that the post got. Adorable, really.

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