Oil Workers Finds Tiny Kittens Frozen Into The Snow And Saves Every One

Three tiny kittens were given a second chance at life thanks to a kindhearted oil worker who stumbled upon them at work.

Canadian oil worker Kendall Diwisch lives in Drayton Valley, Alberta where temperatures regularly dip well below freezing and winters are harsh.

Photo: Facebook/Kendall Diwisch

While doing his rounds at work, Kendall happened upon a trio of abandoned kittens meowing for help. They’d been out in the cold for so long that their tails had literally frozen to the ice!

Kendall took to Facebook to share about it, saying, “So today I found these three fellows on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely dropped off. Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night.”

He immediately made the decision to help the kittens and save their lives. The first kitten’s tail didn’t need much help to pull free, but the other two were frozen solid.

Photo: Facebook/Kendall Diwisch

Thinking quickly, Kendall rushed back to his truck to get his leftover coffee. Though just lukewarm by that point, he knew it might do the trick to thaw out the kittens’ tails so they could be pulled free.

“Someone dumped you guys, aye?” Kendall can be heard saying in a video of the rescue. “That is so cruel,” he adds, and the kittens meow as if in agreement.

Photo: Facebook/Kendall Diwisch

With the coffee warming up the ice, Kendall used a glove to finish pulling the last two tails free and quickly moved the kittens to his truck to take them home.

He gave them plenty of food, warmth, and care until he could place each and every one of them in a loving forever home.

It would’ve been so easy for him to just carry on with his job, but Kendall went out of his way to help the little kittens in need and that’s a beautiful thing.

Kendall took to Facebook to share a video of the kitten rescue so you can see if for yourself below:

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