Michigan Officers Resuscitate Infant In Dramatic Bodycam Footage

As parents, we do anything to care for our kids and keep them alive and well. When newborns are involved, the stakes are even higher because they’re so fragile and helpless.

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that something happening to a newborn is almost any parent’s worst fear. It’s also not something any parent should have to deal with, but emergencies happen every day.

Photo: Pexels/Issac Taylor

For a Michigan-based mother named Paige, a nightmare situation unfolded when her two-month-old medically complex infant, Laker Carlson, stopped breathing. The situation was grim, but officers from the local sheriff’s department stepped up and managed to save the baby’s life!

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office shared about the rescue on Facebook, saying: “On Saturday, May 13th, Ingham County Sheriffs’ deputies responded to a call in Vevay Township involving an infant who was not breathing and had no pulse.”

Photo: Facebook/Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

It’s a sickening situation for any parent to face, but the officers were quick acting and immediately sprung into CPR.

Amazingly, after CPR was administered on the tiny baby, he began to breath again on his own!

According to WILX 10, CPR Instructor Rick Williams credits Laker’s mom, Paige, for her quick action and response to the emergency. According to him, Paige had started CPR before officers arrived and that’s what made the difference between life and death for the tiny infant.

Photo: Facebook/Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

Speaking with the outlet, Sergeant Jonte Slack Ingham County Sheriff’s Office agreed with Williams’ assessment and said, “[Laker] didn’t have any signs of life he was pale. He was not moving and didn’t have a pulse. I had a million thoughts run through my head and it was a crazy emotional charged situation to deal with.”

WILX 10 said that the baby’s dad, Matthew Carlson, was worried he’d never see his son alive. He wasn’t with the baby when the emergency unfolded, but he received “more than 10 phone calls” from the baby’s mom, Paige, who was trying to tell him what was happening.

On Matthew’s Facebook page, he revealed that the baby had some medical issues from birth and had an extensive stay in the NICU.

Photo: Facebook/Ingham County Sheriff’s Office

WILX 10 notes that baby Laker has Spina Bifida and “equipment used for his condition malfunctioned and contributed to the water in his lungs.”

Baby laker is recovering at Sparrow Hospital’s Pediatric Center.

You can watch the video of the resuscitation below. Viewer discretion is advised.

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