Viral Video: A Young, Mischievous Octopus Makes Friends with a Scuba Diver

The ocean is not just a refuge for scuba divers. It can be a playground for humans and octopuses!

This viral video shows a young, mischievous octopus who coaxed a diver to play with it. It was an unexpected behavior since humans would think that such a young creature would shy away from strange, big creatures.

Photo: YouTube/Info World News

Instead, the young octopus played with the scuba diver as if they have known each other for a long time. It repeatedly teased the diver by swimming straight into its palm.

The young octopus also showed that it loves being held and touched.

It is among the best memories that a human being can have underwater. And the best friendship between a person and an octopus.

Photo: YouTube/Info World News

Does the young octopus know that it is playing with a human and not just any other sea creatures?

Fascinatingly, the most probable answer is yes! An octopus, with its 9 brains and large optic lobes, can distinguish living things and inanimate objects. Its vision and memory are very sharp, and while 8 of its nine brains are “mini” and located in each tentacle, an octopus can even develop fondness or dislike for a particular creature, including a human being.

Photo: YouTube/Info World News

In this case, it is a deep fondness this young octopus must have felt for the friendly scuba diver. As a matter of fact, as you watch this viral video, you can sense the small animal’s absolute trust in its new human playmate.

Another thought worth mulling about: are the 3 hearts of this octopus beating in excitement all at the same time?

Three hearts, nine brains with neurons as numerous as those of a dog, and eight skillful arms that can use tools — these are just some of the most amazing facts about octopuses.

Check out the video!

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