Personal Trainer Helps 120-Pound Rescue Pit Bull Lose Over 50 Pounds

Obesity is an epidemic in the United Stats, but it’s not just affecting people, it’s affecting pets as well.

When a poor pit bull named Margo was found wandering the streets of Arizona, she caught the eye of a Good Samaritan who immediately realized somethign was wrong.

The kind person brought Margo to the One Love Arizona animal rescue where she was finally able to get the help that she needed.

As the rescue shared on Facebook, Margo weighed in at 120 pounds! They wrote, “As you can see, I was not in shape… unless you call round a shape.”

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Thankfully, Margo found the perfect foster home with a personal trainer who was dedicated to get her back in shape and living her best doggy life!

Since July 2022, Margo has been on a diet and exercise plan and it’s really paid off!

Her exercise regimen started with some simple walking until she built up the stamina to run and play!

In an interview with The Dodo, Margo reached her weight loss goals and is now on to bigger and better things: finding a forever family.

You can see more of her story in the video below:


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