Distressed Dog Rescued From Hot Car Adopted By One Of The Responding NYPD Officers

One lucky dog just found his forever home with the woman who helped save his life.

A small white dog was spotted in a locked car in New York City and concerned onlookers called New York City Police Department.

Several officers of the 19th precinct responded to the call including Officer Aruna Maharaj. They found the distressed dog locked in the car with the windows shut. The poor pup had reportedly been in the hot car for over 2 hours before officers arrived and broke the window to free him.

They offered him some much-needed water before bringing him to the vet.

“Yesterday’s afternoon temps hovered in the mid 80’s & on an 85° day, it only takes 10 mins for the inside of a car to reach a deadly 102°! It’s prohibited to leave an animal unattended in a car under these dangerous conditions—thankfully the pup was rescued & is being cared for,” tweeted the department.

Screenshot: Twitter/NYPD 19th Precinct

A month after the incident NYPD shared that Officer Maharaj adopted the sweet pup and wrote, “This pup will never be neglected again!”

It is clear by the smiles on both the dog’s and his new mom’s face that they are both thrilled to see each other again. People thanked the officers for rescuing the innocent dog and think the dog is an American Eskimo breed.

One person wrote, “Love this!! Looks like an American Eskimo – the sweetest dogs”.

While this story had a happy ending, that isn’t the case for all dogs left in cars. Hundreds of pets die every year from being left in a hot car. These deaths are 100% preventable. Leave your dog or cat at home and never leave them in the car, even for a minute.

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