New York City’s Famous “Bodega Cats” May Not Be Getting The Care That They Need

The cats that live in New York City really have quite a reputation. Small shops throughout the city have those bodega cats and New Yorkers seem to have really fallen in love with them.

Although it certainly is true that bodega cats are part of our culture in New York City, they aren’t necessarily cared for in the way that they need. In many cases, these cats are cared for properly but that isn’t always true.

Photo: YouTube/Flatbush Cats

In some cases, bodega cats are not being given what they need in the way of food, housing, and care from a qualified veterinarian. Considering the fact that these cats provide us with so much enjoyment and help in a practical way, it is something that has captured the attention of New Yorkers who really have a soft spot in their heart for them.

In order to direct our attention to the needs of bodega cats, the Bodega Cats organization, working with Flatbush Cats, followed a single cat who was given to a store in the neighborhood. The store didn’t mind having the cat around because the feline kept away rodents.

Photo: YouTube/Flatbush Cats

The problem is, the cat wasn’t spayed so eventually, she had kittens. The store wasn’t able to manage the felines, so they had rescuers come in and take care of things. When they arrived, they discovered that the cats were not cared for properly and were living in the basement.

The employees did care for the cats and they didn’t necessarily want to give them up. They did say that one of the cats needed to stay to help keep rodents away, but two of the kittens had already died by the time they got there.

Photo: YouTube/Flatbush Cats

The remaining kittens were provided with proper veterinary care and the mother was spayed before the babies were returned. It was really a community effort, and all of the cats are now healthier and doing well. At the same time, however, it opens our eyes to the needs of these felines throughout the city.

Check out the video below:

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