Nurse On Vacation Saves Man’s Life During Mid-Flight Emergency

You never know when a medical emergency will strike, and if you’re an unfortunate type, something might just happen mid-flight where you can’t just rush to the hospital.

Being trapped in an airplane during a medical episode sounds terrible, but for one man experiencing such a situation, a fellow passenger ended up saving his life.

Photo: Pexels/Jeffry Surianto

According to CBS News, Emily Raines, a nurse at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, was on a Southwest flight from the Bahamas to Baltimore when the flight attendants put out a call asking if anyone had medical experience.

Raines immediately volunteered to help, and the flight attendants directed her to a man experiencing a medical emergency. Raines recalled the man slumped over in his chair with no pulse. He was unconscious and his face was purple.

Photo: Pexels/Daniel Frese

Speaking with CBS News, Raines said, “It was quite alarming, obviously, seeing his face look that way.” She immediately began CPR and performed it until the man regained a pulse, around 7 minutes before the plane landed.

The man was rushed to the hospital after landing, though Raines isn’t sure what happened to him from where or why he fell unconscious in the first place.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

She said, “We’re still not completely sure what happened. He didn’t have a heart attack, but his heart stopped. They believe that multiple factors played a role, mostly due to his low oxygen levels.”

Emily is being hailed a hero for her quick action in offering her help and reviving the man.

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