Nurse Donates 1,000 Ounces Of Breast Milk To Young Mom Going Through Chemotherapy

Ashley Chestnut was celebrating her daughter’s second birthday when she felt a sudden pain in her chest.

That pain turned out to be a baseball-sized tumor and it wasn’t long before Ashley received a devastating diagnosis: She had cancer.

Photo: YouTube/KMTV 3 News Now

According to KMTV 3 News Now, the 30-year-old mother of two had a young baby, Easton, who she’d been breastfeeding up until that point. But after her diagnosis, treatment immediately started that would interfere with her breastfeeding sessions.

Because of having to undergo chemotherapy, the La Vista, Nebraska mom was pumping her breastmilk only to throw it away afterward. She held on to the hope that her baby would get nourishing breastmilk and her prayers were answered just a few days into her hospital stay.

Photo: YouTube/KMTV 3 News Now

As the outlet reported, Ashley’s nurse, Jacqueline, heard what the woman was going through and her struggle with breastfeeding, and she realized she may be able to help. Jacqueline happened to have around 1,000 ounces of breastmilk stored in her freezer and she decided to offer it to Ashley for her baby to use.

Anyone who’s had to pump breastmilk knows just how taxing it can be to get even a single ounce! Jacqueline was incredibly selfless in offering the milk to Ashley, and the struggling mom was blown away by the generosity.

Photo: YouTube/KMTV 3 News Now
Photo: YouTube/KMTV 3 News Now

While Ashley had to struggle through cancer treatment, her prognosis was good. She only had stage 1 cancer and doctors were confident it could be treated. Having so much support helped Ashley make it through her treatment and get to the other side.

Check out the video below:

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