ICU Nurse Adopts Dog After Owner Passes Away

Growing old with a dog can be comforting, but terrifying. Many senior citizens wonder what will happen to their pets after their passing and the sad reality is that many end up in shelters.

That was the fate of a much-loved chihuahua mix named Jax.

According to Inside Edition, Jax’s owner was comatose in the ICU when she became the patient of nurse Kimberly Still.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

While Kimberly was caring for the woman in her last days, she learned through the woman’s family about her dog, Jax.

Jax was the woman’s constant companion and best friend. The two had been through everything together right until the end. It didn’t seem right or fair that he’d end up all alone in a shelter after his owner passed, but that’s exactly what happened.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition
Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The poor pup had nowhere to go, so he was sent to a shelter outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Like something from a dog owner’s nightmares, there was a real risk Jax would be euthanized if no one stepped up to take him.

Thankfully, Kimberly didn’t feel good about what happened to Jax and she decided to track him down.

Though she didn’t get to know his owner on a personal level, her few days as the woman’s ICU nurse were enough for her to know she wanted to help in any way she could.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

At first, she planned on taking Jax from the shelter and finding a loving home for him, but that plan didn’t quite work out the way she intended.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Kimberly said, “The second that they brought him to me at the pound, I was like, ‘I can never get rid of him. He is mine forever now.”

Watch the interview below:

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