Sister-In-Law Is Chastised for Not Making It to the Wedding

Life can be difficult, and I think most of us have been in a position where money was tight. This is something that we need to consider for everything, especially when it comes to traveling for a family function.

One woman understands this very well after calling her boyfriend’s sister. The sister-in-law had invited them to their upcoming wedding, but there was a problem.

Money is tight for the OP and her boyfriend, and they just bought a new house. They weren’t sure if they could make it, so she was calling to let her sister-in-law know.

She went on Reddit to explain that she couldn’t make it to the wedding, but she got an answer she wasn’t expecting. Eventually, she took the question down off of Reddit, but it is still on the Internet Archive.

She Gives Her Boyfriend’s Side Of The Story

The woman went on to explain that her boyfriend is prideful and will not ask for help. She took it upon herself to contact his sister in the hopes that someone could come up with a solution. At the very least, she was hoping that her sister-in-law would be understanding.

What she ended up getting was a strange list of demands, such as them needing to work 25 hours more at a part-time job every week, plus the fact that they should’ve put money away or pulled money from his retirement.

This shocked her so much that she was speechless, so her sister-in-law ended the conversation with ‘I’ll talk to him.’

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The OP admits that she understands it’s a big deal, but she’s angry because somebody wants them to ‘sacrifice’ for the wedding.

Reddit Gives Their Opinion

When you post something like this on Reddit, you can expect plenty of opinions. The commenters had much to say, but it mostly was a debate on the price of gasoline and how much it would cost to drive a few states.

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Some thought that she was in the wrong and others even blame her boyfriend, saying that he should have called since it was his sister.

In any case, it is certainly something worth debating, and many people have a strong opinion on the subject. What do you think?

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