Rescuers Save Abandoned Dog Living In A Field Just Before The Winter Weather Sets In

Stray dogs are a sad reality of life. Around the world, many areas suffer from huge numbers of stray animals, and people are fighting every day to get them off the streets.

Rescuers with DAR Animal Rescue in Greece regularly go out and care for local stray dog populations, rescuing the pups that’ve been abandoned and that need help.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Recently, they managed to save an abandoned, scared dog that was living in a field. Snow was starting to fall and they got to her just before the winter weather really set in.

The rescue shared Nolly’s story on YouTube, saying that a Good Samaritan saw the dog and offered her food, thinking that would be enough. However, he noticed she was still there days later and it was starting to snow.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Knowing the dog stood little chance in the harsh weather on her own, the kindhearted man called in rescuers with DAR to assist.

The rescuers found Nolly in a field between two villages. The rescue said there were no homes around but somehow the dog was surviving.

Photo: YouTube/DAR Animal Rescue

Thankfully, Nolly was easy to rescue and she succumbed to the rescuers without putting up a fight. They were able to get her veterinary care, where she was found to be in mostly good health, despite a few minor issues like fleas.

Ermioni with DAR Animal Rescue will take care of Nolly until she can be adopted into a safe, loving home.

You can see more of her story in the video below:

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