Officers Join Celebration After Receiving Noise Complaint From A Quinceañera

Police officers in Greensboro, North Carolina got in on a birthday celebration after receiving a noise complaint for the party.

The Greensboro Police Department shared on Facebook that they received a noise complaint over the weekend and sent three officers to investigate.

Officers Matthews, King and Johnson arrived at the location of the complaint and discovered the source of noise: a young lady was celebrating her Quinceañera!

If you’ve ever been to a Quinceañera before, you probably know how loud they can get. It’s not uncommon to have loud music blasting away while you eat, dance, and celebrate!

It’s great fun, but if you’re not in on the fun, then the noise might be excessive – which is probably how the party ended up being called to the police.

The police department explained on Facebook that when the officers arrived, the girl’s family promptly invited them to sit down and eat. Not many people are keen on having their parties crashed, especially not by police, but this family was more than happy to welcome the officers in and offer them a bite to eat.

The officers handed out stickers to the little kids and even took a photo with the birthday girl!

The police department ended the post by saying, “We hope this young lady had a very Happy Birthday!”

So wholesome!

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