Defeated Dog Left Outside With All Her Belongings Waits For Family To Return

A poor pup sat outside, alone and longing for a family that would never show up.

The dog was spotted by a Good Samaritan who called rescuers for help. The pup had been dumped in an empty lot along with all of her belongings, like some food and a blanket.

Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, shared about the rescue on Facebook.

In the post, Suzeete said: “When you are dumped in a empty lot and you are just so exhausted from waiting for them to come back. Poor baby was just exhausted. She waited all day. She just couldn’t keep her eyes open. Fast asleep. But she waited.”

She added that the poor pup, later named Nirvana, waited for a family that would never come but thankfully, someone else did come: animal rescuer Mary Nakiso.

Suzeete said, “Thankfully [Nirvana] just surrendered to Mary. And we got her safe. She had her blanket but we couldn’t let her sleep out there in the cold…We will figure it out. You are rescued.”

Speaking with The Dodo, Suzette explained that she showed up to the rescue and got to work gaining Nirvana’s trust. She appraoched the dog slowly, so as not to startle her but it seems that the dog wasn’t easily spooked. She said: “I got a leash around her, and she just wiggled her butt. She knew someone came to save her.”

Suzette took Nirvana straight to the vet where she got a much-needed bath and a clean bill of health.

Nirvana ended up being “sweeter than ever,” and everyone fell in love with her. Despite being healthy and full of love to give, Nirvana seemed to be suffering from a broken heart. Rescuers were determined to help her overcome it and they placed her in a warm, safe foster home.

The Dodo reports that Nirvana is still looking for a forever home, but she’s currently living her best life in foster care and there’s something great to be said about that.

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