Dog Wears Special Camera That Captures Photos When He’s Excited

I’d love to see the world through a dog’s eyes. Their perspective on life has to be quite unique and their upbeat and happy-go-lucky energy and enthusiasm are second to none.

Whenever my dog gets excited, he starts barking like crazy. Of course, I’m usually right there by his side to see what his excitement is all about, but sometimes, he’s running up ahead at the dog park or roaming the home when something gets him riled up.

Photo: YouTube/Nikon Asia

Wouldn’t it be neat to have those moments of excitement captured on film? As it turns out, that’s exactly what Nikon Asia set out to achieve.

That company created a special camera for a dog that would only take pictures of the things that excite him

The device works by fitting over a Nikon camera and reading the dog’s heartbeat. When it senses the dog’s heartbeat is up (indicating excitement), the device causes the camera the snap a photo.

Photo: YouTube/Nikon Asia

The concept has been dubbed Heartography.

Nikon Asia shared a video of a dog named Grizzler testing the device out and it’s pretty cute!

In the video’s description, Nikon explains:

“Watch how Grizzler became a canine photographer with Nikon’s help. With a device developed to turn emotions into photographs, see how they managed to capture how one dog perceives the world by using his heart rate as a trigger for the camera.”

Photo: YouTube/Nikon Asia

They went on to explain that the video was filmed by a camera crew and featured Grizzler the Border Collie. Grizzler was wearing a Nikon camera attached to a harness. “Each time Grizzler gets excited or happy, his heart rate increases and in turn triggers a mechanism to depress the camera’s shutter and take a picture allowing us to see the world from Grizzler’s perspective,” they said.

You can see the video and subsequent “heartographs” for yourself below:

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