Woman Waits For Sailor Fiance’s Helicopter To Land, Breaks Down When She Finally Sees Him

When people choose to join the military, they are making a big sacrifice. But they aren’t the only one who is making sacrifices.

The time apart can be extremely difficult for the service member’s family as well. So, when it’s finally time for them to come back home, the reunion is sweeter than ever.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

Nick Fowler, Petty Officer 2nd Class for the Navy, has been away from his significant other, Monet Yates, for seven long months while he was deployed.

Now that Fowler’s deployment has finally come to an end, it was time for the two to reunite.

When Yates saw Fowler standing there, she started running toward him. He picked her up in his arms and swung her around, giving her a much-needed tight squeeze and kiss. The two were so happy to be back in each other’s arms.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

Fowler had arrived by helicopter, and the moment Yates saw the helicopter land, she says she broke down in tears.

Fowler comes from a military family, with his father once being in the Navy as well. Because of this, the military always seemed like the right path for Fowler, who decided to join the Navy when he was old enough.

Photo: YouTube/MilitaryKind

He met Yates when he was serving at the Naval Air Station in San Diego, California, and the two have been together ever since.

Before he left for deployment, he planned a special surprise and proposed to Yates, who of course said yes.

Watch their heartwarming reunion and learn more about their story in the video below:

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