Cat Shelter Goes Viral For Its “Nice Or Naughty” Feline Of The Week Series

A California-based cat shelter has gone viral for its hilarious “nice or naughty” feline of the week series.

Heaven on Earth Perry’s Place in Los Angeles, California started sharing the series on social media and it wasn’t long before it gained traction and captured attention from people around the world.

According to Fox News, Toni Barrett, the development manager for Heaven on Earth Perry’s Place, explained that the staff got the idea for the series from a TikTok user known as Pot Roast’s mom who labels her cats as “good or bad” cat of the week.

They thought the idea was funny and decided to implement their own version of it at the shelter: “Nice cat of the week” and “naughty cat of the week.”

Each week, the shelter posts a bulletin board with its “Nice Cat of the Week” and its “Naughty Cat of the Week.”

The post that really went viral at first was about Elijah and Popsicle.

Elijah was listed as the Nice Cat of the Week, with the description saying he’s “opened up and showed the staff how much he loves belly rubs.” Popsicle, on the other hand, “stole treats from Daniel, his BLIND roommate.” Needless to say, Popsicle made the Naughty Cat of the Week list.

Thanks to the weekly series, the shelter gained nearly 75,000 followers on Instagram. While some people are interested in the cats simply for the humor of it all, others are interested in adopting.

According to Fox News, Barrett said, “It has definitely [given] some of these cats more attention than they normally would have.”

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