Baby Beavers Make Friends At Wildlife Rescue Center

Meet Nibi and Ziibi!

The two adorable beavers befriended each other after being rescued as babies and taken to the same wildlife rescue.

Nibi first found her home at the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford, MA when she was just one week old. The rescue shared on Facebook that the tiny beaver was found wandering on the side of a road all by herself and efforts to locate her parents went in vain.

The rescue quickly welcomed the tiny beaver in and gave her a check-up before beginning her multi-year rehabilitation program:

It wasn’t long after Nibi was rescued that the wildlife center welcomed another baby beaver: 5-month-old Ziibi!

The rescue regularly shares updates about the two beavers on Facebook, and they admit that the two beavers didn’t hit things off at first.

Nibi wasn’t a fan of Ziibi, but over time, they grew to love one another.

The photos and videos the Newhouse Wildlife Rescue shares of the beavers are too adorable!

Check some of them below:

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