Emaciated Kitten Dumped At Overcrowded Shelter Transforms Into Affectionate Cat, Thanks to Your Support

It is National Feed A Rescue Pet Week!

The Animal Rescue Site along with our partner, Greater Good Charities, dedicates a week to raise as much funds as possible – with your support – to feed hungry dogs and cats in shelters around the country.

Shelters are overcrowded and in desperate need of food donations. Adoptions are down and intakes are up. There are so many mouths to feed.

Mary Katherine is just one of countless pets you helped save.

Photo: Watonga Community Cat Foundation

The malnourished kitten was dumped along with her siblings outside an overcrowded shelter. Watonga Community Cat Foundation answered the plea for help put out by the shelter.

The frail kittens were not expected to make it through the night – but they did.

Photo: Watonga Community Cat Foundation

Thanks to the amazing care by staff and volunteers and your generous food donations, the kittens survived and are now thriving.

The rescue shared with us, “Three months later, we are excited to report that Mary Katherine and her four siblings are happy, healthy kittens.”

The good news continued as we were informed that Mary Katherine has found her forever home. She had a rough start to life but is now in a loving home that she shares with another feline. The two are inseparable and both love to play and cuddle.

Photo: Watonga Community Cat Foundation

We are hoping to help even more cats like Mary Katherine get the nutritious food they need to grow big and strong, but we need your help.

Help us reach our goal of providing 3 million meals to hungry shelter pets.

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