News Anchor Instantly Regrets Trying Dessert On Live T.V. Segment

With the New Year right around the corner, many restaurants are gearing up to celebrate and offer special New Year’s Eve menus and events.

A news anchor at FOX4 News in Kansas City recently had a special guest on the news to talk about the local New Year’s Eve offerings, but the live segment didn’t quite go as planned.

Photo: YouTube/FOX4 News Kansas City

In the hilarious clip, you can see a gorgeous spread of food laid out. Food and beverage journalist Dave Eckert is on hand to share about the tasty offerings, which included some beautiful looking desserts from the Thai restaurant Bamboo Penny’s in Leawood, Kansas.

That restaurant is hosting a rooftop New Year’s Eve event that features a full menu, including Pad Thai and some special tapioca-based desserts made specifically for the party.

Photo: YouTube/FOX4 News Kansas City

The news anchor noticed how stunning the desserts looked and asked Eckert, “Mind if I wolf one down?” Eckert was more than happy to let the anchor take a bite, but the reaction wasn’t what he expected.

The news anchor took a few bites before holding the food in his mouth and desperately looking at the cameraman for help.

“Delicious, huh?” Eckert says, and the anchor just nods his head, “yes,” before the cameraman finally gets the memo and pans down to the food on the table.

Photo: YouTube/FOX4 News Kansas City

In the background, you can see the anchor stepping to the side and hear what sounds like the crumple of a trash bag as the anchor relieves his mouth of the gelatinous dessert.

You can watch the hilarious moment for yourself in the video below:

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