New York Couple Opens Home To Bus Full Of Strangers Stuck In Blizzard

The days leading up to Christmas were full of harsh weather for people around the U.S. In fact, New York State experienced a historic storm that dumped some 50 inches of snow in a flurry.

Alexander Campagna lives near Buffalo, New York, an area that was hit especially hard by the blizzard.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

On December 23, in the heart of the storm, Campagna received an unexpected surprise.

Campagna took to Facebook to share about the experience, saying that around 2:00 pm, they received a “frantic knock on the door…during the worst blizzard I’ve experienced.”

Photo: Pexels/Maria Orlova

People don’t generally get unexpected visitors during harsh blizzards, so Campagna was naturally curious about who could possibly be out there. After answering the door, he discovered a Korean tour group of ten people that were traveling from DC to Niagra Falls.

Apparently, the tour bus got stuck in front of Campagna’s house near Buffalo, New York.

According to the New York Times, two men from the group initially planned to ask around for shovels to see if they could dig the bus out and keep moving. However, they ended up knocking on the right door and Campagna invited them all in to warm up and relax.

Campagna shared in the comments of his Facebook post that the guests used the ingredients Campagna had to whip up a Korean feast!

Photo: Pexels/cottonbro studio

After everyone was well fed, the unexpected holiday guests were offered sleeping bags, couches, air mattresses, and anything else they could find to sleep in.

According to the New York Times, the guests stayed two days with Campagna before the storm let up enough to carry on their way.

What a neat holiday story!

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