Meet The New Year’s Eve Twins That Were Born In Different Years

There is something amazing about having twins. It isn’t just the experience of having two children at one time, it’s a lifetime of celebrating everything twice on the same day.

That is, however, unless you are Annie Jo and Effie Rose Scott. These twin girls were born on the same night, but they were born on different days and in different years! Their mother, Kali Scott, took to Facebook to announce the good news:

These twins defied the odds, doing something that has a one in 2 million chance of ever happening. They were born on New Year’s Eve, with Annie being born on December 31, 2022, at 11:55 PM and her sister, Effie being born just one minute after we entered into the new year.

Kali Scott spoke to Good Morning America, saying how much she loved the unique aspect of their daughters. She was thrilled that they were able to move forward with their individualism intact right from the start.

Like any proud mom these days, Kalie shared pictures on Facebook. The little girls were wearing hats labeled with the letter A and letter B.

According to Good Morning America, Kalie and Cliff Scott live in Denton, Texas. They weren’t aware that the twins were going to show up on New Year’s Eve. In fact, she was waiting until January 11 to have a C-section.

After checking into the hospital for a blood pressure check on the 29th, she realized that the babies were going to come earlier than expected. Late Saturday night, the C-section happened.

They may not have planned the birth on New Year’s Eve, but the doctors couldn’t have planned things better. The babies were born only six minutes apart with a brand-new year in the middle.

Kali said to the outelt: “I had been thinking, you know, so traditional of one birthday, but now it’s two totally different birthdays.”

She went on to say how one would celebrate the end of the year and the other would celebrate the new year coming in.

This isn’t the first time that children have been born as the new year came in, but that doesn’t take away from how incredible it is.

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