Thousands Have Evacuated Due to Destructive New Mexico Wildfires, You Can Help

Thousands of New Mexico residents had to flee from their homes with little notice earlier this week as two fast-moving fires bore down on their village, and, with your help, we’re providing aid to those impacted.

The South Fork and Salt fires started Monday, June 17, on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in southern New Mexico and quickly grew to more than 23,000 acres. As of an update on Thursday, June 20, the fires were 0% contained. It isn’t yet known what caused them, but their impacts have been significant.


The fires have led to the evacuations of roughly 8,000 people in the Ruidoso area, many of whom had no time to gather what they needed before leaving their homes. This means they’re without necessary supplies and may have left their pets behind. To make matters worse, of the estimated 1,400 structures destroyed so far, it’s believed that 500 are homes. There are also two people confirmed dead and many more unaccounted for.


While more than 800 fire personnel work to protect further loss of life and homes, we’re working with Greater Good Charities and other partners to get needed supplies to the humans and pets impacted. Greater Good Charities is on scene distributing 800 Good Packs with items needed for survival, along with pet food. So far, 16 pallets of pet food have been handed out. There have also been cash grants to help those living on tribal lands with limited access to resources.


There is more help to come, as we work with partners in the area to see what else is needed, both in New Mexico and elsewhere. Through May, more than 2 million acres had been burned in wildfires in the United States this year, a number that will only grow as we get further into the traditional fire season.

It’s thanks to you that we’re able to provide needed aid to those impacted by increasingly severe wildfires. If you’d like to continue to join us in our efforts, in New Mexico and beyond, click below!

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