New Mexico Is Hiring “Professional Bear Huggers”

If you’re in the market for a new job, you may want to turn to New Mexico. That state is opening a role that many people might be interested in: It’s for professional bear huggers!

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish posted about the unique job opportunity on Facebook, saying: “Now hiring professional bear huggers.”

In the post, they detailed the job description saying that candidates must have the “ability to hike in strenuous conditions,” along with “the courage to crawl into a bear den.”

They also want candidates that will trust their coworkers fully, since your safety might rely on them.

Photo: Facebook/New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

While being a “professional bear hugger” sounds like a dream, the department was sure to point out that “not all law enforcement field work is this glamorous” but they added that it’s still “the experience of a lifetime.”

Professional bear hugger may sound like a fun job title, but the official role that’s open is for Conservation Officers. The deadline to apply is Thursday, March 30, 2023, and you can learn more or apply for the position here.

Photo: Facebook/New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

In the Facebook post, the department added a disclaimer that they “do not recommend crawling into bear dens.” They explained, “This was part of a research project in Northern New Mexico and all bears were handled safely under supervision.”

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