Expert Explains Why You Should Never Kiss Your Dog On The Mouth

Having a dog is loads of fun. It’s basically like having a best friend and a number one fan all wrapped into one.

We often love to cozy up to our dogs and spoil them with scratches, kisses, and cuddles. However, you should never ever kiss your dog on the mouth. And if you didn’t already know that, this is why.

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According to one TikTok user (who is a physician’s assistant), the reason is not only because it’s weird, but because a dog licks its own butt. If you couldn’t guess, the potential for coming in contact with germs is big.

As TikTok user @medexplained2you states in a clip, “If you kiss your dog on the mouth because if so it’s time to stop. You could actually lose your limbs over it.”

Photo: Pexels/Samson Katt

That is correct, the bacteria that your dog could be transmitted to you is quite serious, and has some real potential for major health complications. The TikTok user added, “This is a serious illness that can cause widespread systemic infection, septic shock, and even gangrene and depending how fast it progresses and when it’s diagnosed.”

His final warning was, “Amputation may become the only treatment Why not avoid all that trouble and just stop kissing your dog seems like an easy fix to me.”

While you might think that the TikTok video is just a scare-mongering tactic, think again. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there is plenty of medical proof for this.

Photo: Pexels/Matilda Wormwood

The CDC has said, “Rarely, Capnocytophaga germs can spread to people through bites, scratches, or close contact from a dog or cat and may cause illness, including sepsis. Most people who have contact with a dog or cat do not become sick. People with a weakened immune systems who have difficulty fighting off infections (for example, people with cancer or those taking certain medications such as steroids) are at greater risk of becoming ill.”

While it is a rarity, you still shouldn’t risk it. Your health is not worth the risk – no matter how adorable your dog is.

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