Nesting Storks Return To Ukraine, Providing Hope For The Country

They sometimes say that a picture is worth 1000 words but as far as the picture of a nesting stork mother in Ukraine, that picture is worth much more.

In fact, the return of the stork to the area is considered to be a symbol of hope.

The picture was taken just outside of Kyiv, not long after the invasion occurred, which interrupted the return of the storks to the area.

Photo: flickr/Dennis Jarvis

In Ukraine, storks are considered to be sacred. They return from Africa after the long winter and nest in the spring.

According to World Times Today, some 16% of the storks that visit Europe annually visit Ukraine and raise chicks through the summertime. Now that the birds are starting to return to their usual nesting places, Ukrainians are hopeful that more positive days are ahead

The Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds took pictures of the nest. According to Newsweek, Oleg Dudkin, the director of the organization said that the storks had been frightened away by the explosions of bombs and the roar of the tanks.


In Moshchun, which is about 10 miles outside of Kyiv, it seems as if things have slowed down. A stork has returned, and set up a home where she will raise her two young chicks.

Storks are considered to be a symbol of fertility when they arrived in Ukraine in the spring. Their presence also tends to symbolize “a big harvest, as well as family happiness, procreation, cessation of conflicts and love for the homeland,” according to Nature World News.

Dudkin went on to say: “She has come to symbolize not merely a mother’s devotion to her young but also the great love and devotion of Ukrainians to their motherland and a readiness not to leave.”

Photo: PublicDomainPictures

It seems as if the stork arrived only days after the Russian troops left the area.

Perhaps Dudkin put it best when he said: “Storks will always be amulet birds for Ukrainians, strengthening the hope for peace and the inevitable victory of spring over winter and good over evil.”

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