Love Your Neighbor? Close Your Door However You Want! Who Cares about that Tenant and Her Kid!

It was during the time of Moses that the two greatest commandments were given: To love God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our spirit.

The next one, To love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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That was thousands of years ago, and even though the Mosaic Law has already come to pass, Christian teachings remain founded on these two greatest commandments.

But, apparently, Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan now means nothing but a nice story for many people. Kindness is becoming rare; respect and politeness seem to have faded from the vocabulary of the outspoken; videos of merciful acts are among the fastest ways to earn huge passive income on social media; and narcissism is racing to overtake wisdom as the order of the day.

Adults are more capable of enduring unkindness and lack of consideration. But, to treat children with the same harshness and disdain?

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Shocking, that was how this Original Poster felt upon seeing the thread of messages on a door at the apartment building they’re occupying in Kansas City, Missouri. Posting its image on Reddit, OP with the username u/LifebyIkea captioned it with the words, “Apparently no one in my building cares for kids.”

The first note read, “Hey! You mind not letting your door fall behind you and slam early in the AM and late at night? It’s super loud and wakes up our baby. Thanks!”

Apparently, the lack of tact triggered other tenants to react with the second note saying, “F*** those b****** and their kid. Close your door however you want.”

Apparently no one in my building cares for kids
byu/LifebyIkea infunny

A third followed: “I agree!! Ain’t nobody said s*** about your door closing. F*** the Karens! Let that door close however you want!”

And this 4th message bent on adding insult to the injury, “I didn’t want to be left out. I heard about this thread on a door. I would like to add my 2 c. 1. There’s a baby here??? 2. I’ve never heard any drama about the 2nd floor and I talk to everyone.”

Based on Reddit comments, many with similar ugly experiences empathized with the noise complainant. There was no point for the thread of messages other than to worsen a neighbor dispute.

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From 55gure3: “Sometimes it’s difficult to gauge if we are progressing or regressing as a society.”

From coolprogressive: “This makes me so thankful I don’t live in an apartment anymore.”

From Calm-Tree-1369: “I’m apparently the only person in my entire apartment complex who can enter or leave the building without alerting people within a 5 mile radius, and I’m 6’3″ and 240 lbs.”


From tsuyoi_hikari: “A little empathy will do. Its not hurt to be nice and a little considerate to other people. I have no baby but I know how it felt when you just put the baby to sleep (after hours) to only for him/her to wake up due to the noise that could be avoided.”

From phoenixmatrix: “Babies waking up or dogs freaking out is the only chance you have to get people to care about noise problem in the US, which is unfortunate.”

From Kroniid09: “Yeah man every one of those notes came from giant a–holes. Seems like that apartment block would be a nightmare to live in. And that person who was surprised there’s a baby there? Yeah, that’s what the f-ck should happen, when people don’t impose their bullsh-t on others living in close quarters! That lady has worked magic to keep their baby from disturbing the rest of you and yet you can’t be bothered not to slam a door? F-ckers.”

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