Hey, Neighbor! Your Package Got Misdelivered to Me, Would You Like to Buy It?

What do you do if a package gets delivered to you by mistake?

Decent people would contact the delivery company or the right addressee in order to return the misdelivered item.

But some people are not only indecent, but they are also totally immoral. Just like this person about whom Original Poster with the username u/BigMacDaddy99 posted on Reddit’s r/mildlyinfuriating.

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The post was entitled, “Neighbor took delivery of a package that our business purchased, used the contents, and now wants us to pay for the scraps. Dafuq?”

Redditors were aghast!

Drakeon8165 reacted, “Ooh look, a signed confession!”

Chakkaaa commented, “Every day, im shocked at how stupid so many people are. Yeesh lol how do so many of these people even survive day to day. I imagine every day for some is a tip toe on the line of life and death.”

Valrien likewise shared a nugget of wisdom, “You’re under no obligation to send it back if the package was addressed to you. I.e., ‘Oh no Amazon sent me 1000 copies of Zelda when I only ordered 1 whatever shall I do’ not ‘This landscaping fabric that isn’t addressed to me showed up at my door’. This counts as theft still.”

Meanwhile, GoneIn61Seconds related a similar experience, “We just had a situation like this. Received a package with the wrong name but our address. Asked local neighborhood groups on FB, googles the person (unique name), and eventually called the company. Turns out it was a specialty food order and they can’t take it back, but they’re tracking down the correct person to send replacements. So win, win!”

And this one from WebMaka is another award-winnning comment:

“They accepted a mistaken delivery – not a crime. Happens all the time, and the fact that it happens as rarely as it does given the sheer volume of goods moved around in the US is actually a bit surprising.

Photo: Pexels/Pavel Danilyuk

“They kept and used a mistaken delivery, knowing that it was a mistaken delivery – definitely a crime, e.g., theft. Likely a misdemeanor depending on the value, but still. And offering to sell or trade the remainder is just a dick move – not criminally actionable but I’d wager it would be actionable in civil court.

“My first move would be to print out my order receipt and tracking information to show I legitimately ordered the item(s) in question, make a few copies of that letter, and go pay the local Police or Sherriff’s Office a visit with some paperwork. If they’re unwilling to do anything, my next move would be to insist on filing a police report, and head right over to the County Clerk’s office with report in hand and immediately file suit for the value of the lost material plus the value of my time (especially if it’s business-related) plus punitive damages of either the judge’s discretion or the difference until I hit the claims value limit for that level of civil court – I’d get my money out of them if I had to use a court order to force them to sell their shit to pay me back.

“And for the love of God, and all that is holy, press charges if you’re asked. A shitbag that does this (effectively steal someone else’s package and try to sell it back to them) is the same sort of shitbag that porch-pirates during the holiday shipping season.”

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