Naughty Dog Was Caught Red-Handed Creating a Mess with Milk Powder

People say that living with a dog is like having a toddler or an extra child at home. That is definitely true because they also need your constant care and have the cutest quirks you’ll ever see. Dogs are too playful as well, and sometimes they make quite a mess at home. You’ll find them scattering food on the floor, digging soil out of plant pots, or spilling their water. Sometimes they do things to satisfy their curiosity. If your kitchen’s not dog-proofed, it’ll be easy for your pup to reach for human food.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

You’ll be shocked that they have already eaten some of your fruits and biscuits or have infiltrated your pantry. It’s even more maddening when they make a mess after you clean the whole area. Your good boy has a naughty side that needs some scolding. However, your anger will quickly subside because dogs can charm their humans. You’ll never be able to resist the innocent look in their puppy eyes. One naughty boy caught the attention of Redditors when his pet parent uploaded his crime scene. “Circumstantial evidence at best,” westcoastcdn19 wrote in the caption.

Photo: Reddit/westcoastcdn19

The video starts with a torn milk powder packet; half of its content is already gone. Then in the background, you’ll see where the other half went — milk powder was all over the floor. Apart from the spill, the culprit might have consumed most of the powder. The camera then pans to the culprit, the naughty boy of the house. It tried to look innocent, but the evidence of snacking on milk was on the dog’s face. Funnily enough, the dog approached its mom, probably saying sorry or still pleading that he did nothing wrong.

The Reddit video was so adorable, relatable, and funny that it gained 51.9k upvotes and almost 700 comments. Redditors couldn’t help but share jokes that made the post even more humorous. Others even hilariously defended the dog and insisted he wasn’t guilty. “I can’t believe the perpetrator broke in, devoured the food, made a mess, smeared it all over the dog’s face, then left the crime scene unnoticed! Poor dog,” jnthnmdr wrote. A precious pooch can never do anything wrong — believing he was framed is best. Aside from jokes, you can find similar stories in the comment section. The Reddit post will definitely complete your day, especially when you’re a pet parent.

Circumstantial evidence at best
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