Whoosh! Nature Just Reminded Everyone Who’s the Real Boss on This Planet

Ever since nuclear power was discovered, many countries have been racing to invent more powerful weapons to intimidate one another.

They would destroy their enemies with nuclear armaments if possible, if not for their own fear of the consequences, the fear of wiping out humankind from the face of the planet, which, of course, will inevitably include them.

But what power do we really have in our hands that can be comparable to the fury that nature can unleash? Nature doesn’t fear us. But we fear earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and every other natural disaster that’s devastated properties, claimed lives, shattered hopes, and stabbed countless hearts with grief.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Efficient_Candy_5316

And yes, there’s the constant fear of tropical cyclones, hurricanes, landslides, and other disasters. Compared with the vast lands that governments and the weapons industry have been using to manufacture deadly machines and ammunitions, nature has the biggest facility of them all in manufacturing tropical cyclones.

This facility for the creation of cyclones is the ocean, with its warm waters near the equator producing warm, moist air that catalyzes the formation of cyclones, or hurricanes if they occur over the eastern Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the continuous process of warm, moist air rising above the surface, causing the formation of a low-pressure area. This low-pressure area gets filled with air from surrounding high-pressure areas until the swirling motion creates an eye — the eye of the storm.

Meanwhile, the warm, moist air above cools off, and the condensed water becomes clouds. Both clouds and air in the storm system spin faster and faster and grow as the ocean’s warm waters continue to feed it with energy.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Efficient_Candy_5316

The motion and direction of tropical cyclones is influenced by our planet’s general circulation. Cyclones in the Southern and Northern hemispheres are driven westward by the trade winds or surface winds in the tropics.

On the other hand, the Coriolis force can cause a cyclone’s westward path to deflect poleward. This phenomenon occurs in the subtropical high, causing the storm system to travel eastward or to recurve as influenced by the middle-latitude westerlies that blow toward the east.

However, this car in the video below was given only a soft reminder of the immense power of nature — this planet’s real boss, who’s been so patient with the irresponsible acts of mankind. But now we have climate change issuing dire warnings of future natural disasters of an apocalyptic scale.

Photo: Reddit Video/u/Efficient_Candy_5316

One Reddit user commented, “This is the kind of thing that if I saw it in a movie, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Another person reacted, “All of a sudden swatted.”

Meanwhile, another Redditor observed, “From the sound of it, it sounded like two trees hit the vehicle.”

And this commenter could not help but share this lesson he has learned, “My grandfather told me this also. Never cut a pine tree that is part of a tree line. They hold each other and deflect the wind together. If one is dead or sick, you probably have to cut all of them.”

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