Dad And Golden Retriever Perform Adorable “Stompy” Dance Every Day

The friendship between a man and his golden retriever is something special. As anyone who’s owned a golden knows, these dogs are loyal and loving, and they know how to have a good time!

For a man named Chris and his golden retriever, Nala, life consists of having lots of fun together, going on adventures, and playing games.

Photo: YouTube/Adventuring with Nala

They even have their own special dance that they do together called the “Nala stomps.”

Chris shared a compilation video of the Nala stomps on YouTube and dubbed it “a Stompilation.”

Photo: YouTube/Adventuring with Nala

Since being posted on YouTube, the video was viewed over 340,000 times!

“The double stomps are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” one person commented. “shes…stomped her way into my heart,” another person added.

You can watch the Nala stomps compilation below:

Nala regularly stomps away and enjoys her dance with Chris, who loves filming their antics and sharing them with the world.

He even created Nala her own YouTube channel that boasts over 357,000 subscribers!

Photo: YouTube/Adventuring with Nala

Chris said, “We love to spend time outdoors and document our adventures. We live in the beautiful state of Utah and take advantage of everything this state has to offer.”

Check out some more of their adorable videos below:

How cute are they?

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