Adjusting To A Multi-Pet Household Was An Easy Task For This Little Kitten Because Of One Cat

Cats are typically known as creatures who enjoy being their independent selves. Cats are territorial, and they have their own personalities so there is no one formula when it comes to owning them. What more if you have a multi-pet household?

PHOTO: Pixabay/huoadg5888

The Instagram account nala.meetsworld often posts about their rescued cats, but they have mentioned that they share their home with their adopted dogs as well. The account is handled by the cats’ mom, Ellen.

The cats all got adopted at different times, and they all seem to get along just fine. But that’s not the case for the two ginger cats, as “fine” seems to be a word that doesn’t reflect just how much they get along with each other.

The two ginger cats, Nala and Diggle, share a special relationship. You might even classify them as a bonded pair. Diggle is one of the household’s older cats, rescued from the street 7 years ago by their current dad, while Nala got rescued just last year.

Watch how they rescued Nala in the video below.

The Dodo also featured just how smitten Diggle is with his new housemate.

“It’s ‘Love Is Blind’ but cats,” Ellen said about the adorable pair and continued to say that Diggle even brought his toys in front of the door in hopes of finally interacting with the newest addition to their family back then. “That was when I think their bond really started.”

Nala was naturally cautious at first, but Diggle made it his mission to welcome Nala home and make the transition from being a street cat to being one of the most loved cats we’ve ever seen easier.

“The way that he looks at her, I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said Ellen. “He’s absolutely smitten with her.”

They are one heck of a pair, and I’m glad that they found each other. See their sweet bond in the Instagram post below. Caution: You might get jealous.

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