Mule Deer Crashes Through Basement Window of Colorado Springs Home

A basement office is typically a quiet place to get some work done, but one Colorado homeowner was shocked to find an intruder lounging in the corner of the room.

It is currently mating season (also known as rut) for mule deer, which can lead to erratic behavior. One buck found himself in the basement office of a Colorado Springs home after crashing through the window.

Photo: Pixabay/Emily Hargreaves

The odd occurrence was shared on Facebook by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They wrote, “The chances of finding a deer in your basement are slim but not impossible.”

Wildlife officers arrived on scene and sedated the buck. They treated his cuts and then released him back in the wild. “The deer, while still a bit groggy, was able to walk away.”

People thanked the officers for helping the buck and many wondered how he ended up in the basement. One person suggested that maybe he saw his reflection in the glass and thought it was another buck challenging him.

Luckily, he wasn’t seriously harmed.

However, the same cannot be said of the carpet in the office. The buck made a mess that will require a lot of cleaning or new carpet.

Some people found the humor in the situation. One commented, “He was just late for his zoom meeting! Thanks for helping him back out CPW!”

Park officials responded with, “wonder if he knew to mute his mic 😉”.

Another said, “I hope they release the phone call the owner made after walking into this.”

Colorado residents are encouraged to cover their basement windows (of all sizes) to protect wildlife from falling into them.

This wasn’t the first wild animal to make its way into the basement of a Colorado home. Earlier this year, a moose fell through a basement window well in Breckenridge, Colorado, but it was also rescued and released.

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