Why Were People Posting “Mr. Beast” Photos All Over Instagram?

Did you notice a certain photo of an online personality suddenly making an appearance all over Instagram?

You may not be following this person, but one of your friends did or has suddenly become an instant follower because of a particular post.

Mr. Beast is known for his grandiose videos and ideas, and he’s not a stranger to giveaways.

His latest stunt took over Instagram earlier this May.

To celebrate his 25th birthday, Mr. Beast posted on Instagram that he’ll be giving away $50,000 to five people, and all they’ll have to do is share his post for a chance to win the money.

“It’s my birthday, so I’m giving away $50,000 to 5 followers! ($10,000 each!) All you have to do is share this to your story and tag someone in the comments!”

But the original post got deleted, as it apparently violated some TOS rules and might be against some state laws.

Read more about the issue in the Twitter thread below.

But the giveaway still continued!

Jimmy “Mr. Beast” Donaldson assured his followers that their previous efforts weren’t all for naught.

“Insta took my birthday post down, all good though, we were saving names!”

He also added that instead of the initial $50,000 giveaway, he’ll be giving away $100,000 to 10 people!

Did you take a chance to participate in the giveaway?

From giving away money, houses, and cars, and even helping blind people get surgery, Mr. Beast may be controversial, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do anything malicious so far.

I don’t personally follow Mr. Beast, but his last posted video was of him helping deaf people hear again. Watch it below.

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