Welcome To Mount Chappell Island, Home To The Mutant Bird-Eating Tiger Snakes

Would you step foot on Mount Chappell Island?

At first glance, it seems like a lovely paradise nestled in the waters off the coast of Tasmania.

Photo: Flickr/Ron Knight License: CC BY 2.0

However, the island happens to be home to a larger, mutant version of the mainland’s bird-eating tiger snake. In fact, the island boasts Australia’s largest and most venomous tiger snakes.

According to ABC News, the snakes live all over the island but are especially prevalent in a 650-foot stretch of a scrub aptly known as Snake Alley.

Photo: Flickr/Greg Schechter License: CC BY 2.0

The snakes thrive on Mutton bird chicks and their diet and lifestyle on the island have allowed them to grow larger than their mainland counterparts.

While their venom is less potent than the smaller tiger snakes on the mainland, their larger fangs allow for deeper penetration and greater impact.

Photo: Flickr/Dr Mary Gillham Archive Project License: CC BY 2.0

There are currently two brave residents living among the snakes, including Park ranger Grahame Stonehouse. Speaking with ABC News, he said of the snake: “They don’t want to use their venom on you, they want to use it on a feed. I’ve got a lot of respect for them.”

Considering just 1% of the native tiger snakes that live on the island make it to adulthood, it’s no surprise that the ones who do survive are clever, hardy, and large.

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