Mother Uses Hospital Piano To Serenade Her Baby Suffering From Rare Genetic Disorder

Five-year-old Lincoln was born with a rare terminal epilepsy syndrome called Malignant Migrating Partial Seizures of I (MMPSI). He can’t run, walk, talk, or even swallow his own saliva. Every bit of his existence relies on help from hospital staff, family, and medical interventions.

In between seizures, Lincoln’s mother, Abigail Tanner, does her best to make her baby feel loved and comforted. She also runs a Facebook page called Lincoln’s Road along with a blog where she shares updates and photos to raise awareness about his condition.

Photo: Facebook/Duke Cancer Institute

When Lincoln was just one year old, he was at the Duke Cancer Institute for an appointment when Abigail spotted a piano. She decided to serenade her sweet baby with a song and some music right there in the hallway.

Lincoln may not be able to express if he enjoys the music or not, but that doesn’t stop Tanner from performing.

Photo: Facebook/Duke Cancer Institute

The Duke Cancer Institute shared a video of the passionate mom singing to baby Lincoln.

The institute explained in the caption, “We were at Duke Cancer Center today covering an event when all of a sudden we heard wafting through the air what we thought was the voice of an angel. We weren’t far off. Abigail Tanner had brought her son, Lincoln, for a neurology appointment. As she strolled by the piano, it beckoned to her, ‘Play me.'”

Photo: Facebook/Duke Cancer Institute

They went on to say, “She yielded to the call, and proceeded to sing The Voice Loren Allred’s ‘Never Enough’ to her one-year-old infant son who battles a rare and terminal form of epilepsy (MMPSI).”

You can watch the heartfelt performance below:

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