Mother Swiftly Saved Her Child from Being Bitten by a Giant Cobra

No matter how the environment changes, with places full of houses and high-rise buildings, animals will still have access to those surroundings. The planet Earth has always been their home — it’s up to humans how they would like to cohabit with those animals.

Everyone should be living in harmony. However, humans should still be alert to places where certain predators live nearby — or once made the area their habitat. Snakes are one of those animals that could easily trespass in your home. It’s better to take precautionary measures when you know that snakes, venomous or not, are lurking nearby.

Photo: Pexels/Nivedh P

In India, specifically in Karnataka, a horrifying moment was caught by a CCTV camera. A mother and child went outside their house, and a giant king cobra suddenly appeared. Both were still unaware of its presence until the child turned around — the kid and the giant king cobra were startled, causing a bit of a stir. Thankfully, the mother made a quick move to save her son. She pulled her son away from the cobra, who seemed ready to attack.

Photo: Youtube/Hindustan Times

Everyone on the scene was completely unharmed. It seems that the giant king cobra became defensive when it got startled. Supriya Sahu, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Forests, shared the video clip on her personal Twitter account. She even put a bit of a PSA in her caption that says, “Totally shaken by this clip. Salute to the brave and alert mother who saved her baby, and the Cobra too was unharmed, but it’s a serious reminder to be extremely alert in monsoon season.”

The reply section was filled with compliments for the mother. She was indeed swift as a snake — a second too late, and her son could’ve been bitten. The heart-stopping video earned thousands of views on Twitter. It was also shared on the Youtube channel of the Hindustan Times, where it currently has a record of 1,433,226 views. The video has caught the attention of many people — who had goosebumps and mini heart attacks while watching the footage. Watch the video below and see how it would take you into a mixture of emotions.

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