Mother Elephant Asks Humans for Help to Save Her Calf

Mothers would do anything for their children. The love they have knows no bounds — whether they’re humans or animals. From birth, mother and child build their bond through feeding and teaching them survival. Most animals cling to their mothers for about 3 months before gaining independence. Within those months, babies are nurtured and protected in a home built by their mom. There’s nothing more comforting than having a mother who loves and cares for you even before you are born.

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A mother’s love would even reach the point that they’d make impossible things happen to assure their babies will stay alive. She’d go to selfless lengths even if she gets hurt as long as her baby is kept safe. You’ll find a lot of content on the internet proving how strong motherly love is — it will surely touch your heart. Nature and Heritage uploaded one video that is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. The tear-jerking scene was caught on camera, and it involves a mother elephant grabbing the attention of road passers.

Photo: Youtube/Nature and Heritage

In the video, it seems like the mother elephant was reaching out her trunk to the first humans she saw. However, motorists were uncertain of what the elephant wanted to imply — ignoring her out of fear. The mother elephant continued her mission to ask for help despite the cold shoulder she was receiving. She endured all the pain and struggle of reaching out to humans because her calf was in the midst of danger. Citizens contacted the authorities, but they only tried to drive her away using firecrackers. The mother elephant persisted — she really needed a helping hand.

Photo: Youtube/Nature and Heritage

Thankfully, the authorities finally noticed how questionable and worrisome the situation was. At last, they tried to understand the elephant and followed her to a pit — there, they found a calf stuck and trying to climb up. Authorities dug a path to make way for the calf to safely get out of the pit. The baby elephant quickly understood what the humans were doing and helped himself climb up.

Watching the video is like a rollercoaster ride. It makes you feel down about how the mother elephant was treated, but the latter part of the video can instantly make you smile. Despite the hindrance in communication, the baby elephant was saved because of a mother’s love.

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