What’s Wrong with My Baby?!! An Elephant Mom Reacts When Her Calf Refuses to Wake Up

Do you know that a mother elephant can react frantically if her baby oversleeps, just like humans?

This video will amuse you and touch your heart as an elephant mom expresses the same emotions as human parents when they get overwhelmed by fear and worry.

Photo: YouTube/The World News

Also, you’ll be smiling at the similarity of baby elephants with human kids who love sleeping and are sometimes difficult to wake up.

The elephant mom was so scared that she even called the attention of three zookeepers to check on her baby!

And just like the usual ending in both human and animal parenting dilemmas, the young one wakes up innocently — with everyone else being at fault for overreacting to its sound sleep.

Photo: YouTube/The World News

But hey, elephant moms are really among the greatest mothers in the world! And that adorable calf is lucky to be born into their species.

Did you know that elephant moms carry their babies for almost 2 years before bringing them into the world? The elephant’s gestation period of 18 to 22 months is the longest among all extant mammals.

Then, after giving birth, an elephant mom makes sure that her baby is nourished with the most nutritious milk since it must gain two pounds each day to develop into a healthy calf. She also modifies her diet to include anti-inflammatory plants to help her baby when it starts teething, which can be a painful experience.

Photo: YouTube/The World News

Next, as her calf grows, she teaches it which kinds of plants it can eat, how to avoid predators, and safe travel techniques, especially as it may encounter embankments and obstacles.

Further, elephant matriarchs are among the greatest leaders on the planet who can protect their herd and lead them to long-remembered oases in times of drought. They are steadfast, courageous, and intelligent creatures with hearts that can feel compassion, grief, and other emotions as noble as those of humankind.

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