Old Safari Video of One of the Greatest Mothers on Earth Goes Viral

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

The truth is, this kind of love is not found only among humans. In fact, we see pure love more often among animals.

Photo: YouTube/:Latest Sightings

Many marriages fail, many families get broken, and not so many parents today concern themselves with whether their children are being deprived of affection, financial support, and guidance. In the United States alone, about 50% of married couples end up divorcing, the sixth highest in the world according to the World Population Review. And divorce rates are higher in subsequent marriages.

And what are the sad effects of divorce on children?

  • Kids lose their interest in social activities. They become insecure, and their pain makes it hard for them to relate to other people.
  • They experience difficulty in adapting to change.
  • Photo: YouTube/:Latest Sightings
  • They become emotionally sensitive — overwhelmed by worries, sadness, confusion, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions. And, being young, they often do not know how to process these emotions. They may become temperamental or haunted by guilt, thinking that they are somehow at fault for their parents’ divorce or that they are no longer worthy of being loved due to some personality defect.
  • They become self-destructive. This is one of the most severe impacts of divorce on children. They resort to participating in crimes or rebellious behaviors that harm their health, like smoking, drinking, and drug use.
  • They may become seriously ill or depressed due to stress.
  • They are most likely to lose faith in marriage and family, fail in personal relationships, and repeat their parents’ mistakes.
  • Photo: YouTube/:Latest Sightings

    This is why when we see an ideal kind of love, among people or animals, it touches our hearts. Pure, unselfish, and enduring love is very rare these days — something everyone truly longs for.

    Watching this video of a mother elephant protecting her calf from tourists reminds us of the kind of love many of us have wanted to experience from our parents. To be purely loved, guided, and protected from perils and heartaches.

    If only humans were not too complex for our own good.

    Check out some true motherly love in the video below:

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