A Cancer Patient’s 88-Year-Old Mom Traveled for Six Hours to Visit Her at The Hospital

No one can ever doubt a mother’s love for her children. From inside the womb until old age, they express affection unlike any other. Mothers will do anything to ensure their child’s comfort and that they are fully healthy. Aside from being a mom, they fulfill other roles for their kids. Your mother can be your best friend, a partner in crime, an accountability buddy, a teacher, and more. They will also be your greatest emotional support. A mother’s presence is enough to make you feel that everything’s going to be alright. Scolding might come first but know for sure that they do it out of love. And although you have your own life as an adult, expect that mothers will always be there for you.

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Years may pass, and hair might have turned white, but a mother would still put their child at the top of their priority list. When they learn that their children are sick, they are prepared to cross countries or cities to be with them. Even when you are an older adult, you’d still long for their presence during tough times, as it brings warmth and assurance. That’s why a 66-year-old woman was immensely grateful for her mother’s effort to visit her. She’s 88 years old but was still able to travel for six hours. The mother was determined to personally show support to her daughter battling cancer. Life’s troubles seemed to melt away as soon as her mother entered the hospital room.

The video uploaded by Goodnewscorrespondent went viral on Instagram. In the caption, it says, “It doesn’t matter how old they are or how far away they may live, your children will always be your baby! There’s not a force in this world that could keep me from mine.” Enduring six hours of travel might be difficult for an 88-year-old woman, but her maternal instincts made her stronger. She needs to assure her daughter that cancer has nothing on her — all will be alright in time. Netizens were so touched that the clip earned 104k views and over 6k likes.

The comment section was filled with expressions of love for mothers. Everyone was reminded of how maternal affection greatly impacts children. “This is so touching. A loving mother and her baby. There is nothing like a mom hugging you. I miss my mom so much. Prayers for a good recovery. God’s Blessings on you both,” valentinadb5 commented. The 64-year-old daughter surely needed her mother’s hug. Out of happiness, she even kissed her mother — expressing gratitude for making her feel loved and not alone in the fight. Hopefully, the daughter recovers soon so she and her mom can bond once again. The Instagram reel will definitely tug at your heartstrings. You’ll have the urge to hug your mother after watching the video.

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