Mother and Son See a Baby Deer Stuck in a Storm Drain, So They Call Firefighters

There is no love as strong as the love of a mother. They will go to great lengths to ensure their children are safe, even if it means they are putting themselves at risk.

There are also times when a mother may need some help, and they are quick to ask for it. This was seen in a beautiful way in suburban Baltimore, when a baby deer got stuck in a storm drain.

Photos: YouTube / TODAY

A mother and son were out on a walk when they saw the mother deer anxiously prancing around the storm drain. She didn’t wander far, even though she felt the stress of being so close to humans.

They could hear the cries of the baby deer, who had somehow fallen down into the storm drain and wasn’t able to get back out. It was a desperate situation, so the mother and son did what they thought was best; they asked the neighbor to call for help.

First Responders to the Rescue

It wasn’t long before the firefighters arrived on the scene. As a firefighter, you never quite know what you are going to get into from one day to the next, but this was a beautiful opportunity to help.

The firefighters used tools to pry the storm drain open and pull back the heavy grate. One of the firefighters then climbed down into the storm drain, picked up the baby deer, and held her up for the other firemen.

Meanwhile, the mother deer was anxiously waiting in a nearby yard, not going very far away. She obviously was anxious over the situation and wanted to see what would happen.

Photos: Pixabay / secarter

When the firefighter rescuer picked up the deer and carried her over near the mother, it was a beautiful sight. The mother and her young one took a moment to sniff each other, almost as if to say hello and to assure themselves that they were fine.

They then turned and ran off to a safer location.

Everybody won that day. The mother and baby deer were reunited, and the firefighters went home knowing they had done something phenomenal with their day.

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