The Most Popular Pet Names in 2022 to Date

Somehow the popularity of baby names and pet names seems to transcend continents and cultures. At least that’s the way with many popular trends in the U.K. and the U.S. While the choices may not always be spot-on, they’re pretty darn close. That’s why it’s no surprise that many of the most popular pet names in Great Britain this year are almost identical to those in America. A recent survey across the pond compiled the 10 most popular names given to pets, and for most, they’ll come as little to no surprise.

1.      Luna
2.      Bella
3.      Teddy
4.      Milo
5.      Dairy
6.      Lola
7.      Bailey
8.      Buddy
9.      Coco
10.   Poppy

white dog and cat
Photo: Pixabay/JACLOU-DL

And the Survey Says…

You’ll find Lunas, Bellas, Teddys, Baileys, Buddys, and Cocos galore here at home, and a fair smattering of Milos, for that matter. Dairy, on the other hand, is a new one. Lola and even Poppy are pretty popular here, but we’re still not budging on Dairy.

The source used for the survey came from British pet insurer ManyPets, which polled 510,000 pet owners to narrow it down to the 10 most popular. The same survey also learned that almost 15 percent of pet owners said they preferred human names, such as “Colin” or “Dave,” to more traditional pet names of days gone by (think Fluffy or Scruffy). That trend has been going on in this country for quite some time with a lot of Jakes, Barneys, Dexters, and Daisys walking around on four paws.

What’s in a Name?

Surprisingly, just a skosh under 10 percent opted to name their pets after a famous person — which one would think might be much higher in the celebrity-obsessed world we live in. Representing quirky foodies, another 7 percent liked food-inspired names for their best buds. Olive, which is also a name given to humans, would probably make that list but not Dairy.

dog and cat
Photo: Pixabay/IlonaBurschl

Most Popular Dog Breeds

The most popular breeds were pretty much the same as here, too, even if they weren’t in the exact same order. Those that made the top 10 in 2022 are as follows:

1.      Labrador retriever
2.      Cocker spaniel
3.      Cockapoo
4.      French bulldog
5.      Cavapoo
6.      Golden retriever
7.      German shepherd
8.      Dachsund
9.      Staffordshire bull terrier
10.   Border collie

In a global world, it’s a small — and getting smaller every day — world we live in.

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