“Most Dangerous Jobs” List Has an Unexpected 1st Place Winner You Likely Wouldn’t Have Guessed

According to recent data, the 10 most dangerous jobs in America have an interesting winner. Law firms are frequently behind statistical studies, whether they’re commissioned or assembled using data from their own legal experiences and insights.

In this case, research performed by personal injury lawyers at JohnFitch.com analyzed the number of non-fatal injuries in every industry per 200 million hours worked (or 100,000 full-time workers at 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year). The more injuries per time worked, the more dangerous those jobs are considered to be.

While that’s all well and good, what still might throw you for a loop is America’s most dangerous job, according to their findings. We know there are risks involved, but to end up as #1. . .

veterinarian with dog
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1. Veterinary Services

In America, veterinary jobs receive the most injuries for every 100,000 workers on a 40-hour week with 13.8 injuries. Animals can be unpredictable and thus this job has the potential to be quite dangerous at times. Many dogs can exert considerable bite force with sharp teeth, while other animals have claws, poison, or just sheer size and power that could cause potential injury.

While this makes sense, several other jobs on the list would seem to present many more hazards, such as foundry worker, prison guard, and even delivery driver. With all of the craziness going on in the world, it’s gotten a lot more dangerous to approach people’s homes or even enter certain neighborhoods on both sides of the tracks.

Since the pandemic, veterinarians have been suffering extreme burnout, leading many to quit and others to take their own lives. This has left many states with significant shortages of qualified veterinarians. Those states where they are in high demand leave pet owners in a lurch for timely services. This can lead to trips to emergency vets with price tags that are way out of many people’s budgets.

Here are the other nine jobs deemed to be riskier than most:

bottled water pallets
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2. Bottled Water Manufacturing

With 10.6 injuries per 100,000 workers, employees in bottled water manufacturing find themselves in one of the most dangerous jobs in America. The process and machinery involved pose potential risks and injury. Bottled water can be quite heavy when packed together or in larger containers, thus causing spinal damage from the constant heavy lifting.

ambulances outside of ER
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3. Ambulance Services

Out of those who work in Ambulance services, there are approximately 10.5 injuries for every 100,000 full-time workers working 40-hour weeks. Besides heavy lifting, these workers can often find themselves in situations where there could be hazards, not only from the environment but from people themselves.

ski lift
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4. Skiing Facilities

Skiing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world with 2.6 injuries for every 1,000 participants. Ski instructors, slope maintenance, or lift operators will all encounter possibly dangerous situations that could result in injury. In America, there are 10.5 injuries per every 100,000 workers.

rehab attendant and patient at nursing facility
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5. Nursing & Residential Care Facilities

Similar to ambulance services, nursing and residential care facilities can be faced with unforeseen circumstances leading to injury or illness. Between the equipment required in patient care and long hours with little rest, there’s potential for risk and injury. In this industry, there are 10.3 injuries per 100,000.

ferry boat
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6. Inland Water Passenger Transportation

This industry is comprised primarily of operators of passenger boats and commercial transport across lakes, along rivers, or Intracoastal waterways. Conditions on the water can change quickly or mechanical issues can arise. This industry has 9.7 injuries per 100,000 employees working 40-hour weeks.

prison guard with dog
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7. Correctional Institutions

With 8.4 injuries per 100,000 workers, correctional officers have one of the most dangerous U.S. jobs. Surprisingly, it isn’t higher on the list, considering their proximity to violent criminals. Apart from those incarcerated, prisons and other facilities have plenty of hazards to be cautious of.

Photo: Pixabay/Enlightening_Images

8. Iron Foundries

Iron foundries primarily engage in pouring molten pig iron or iron alloys into molds to manufacture castings. There are 8.1 injuries per 100,000, which makes it one of the more dangerous jobs here. However, with the amount of safety regulations that factories must adhere to, it is much safer than it used to be.

courier service
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9. Couriers and Express Delivery Services

As to couriers and delivery service employees, data points to 8 injuries per 100,000 employees working 40-hour weeks. There are more chances for road accidents, which is the most hazardous form of transport. Add to that extreme weather conditions and road rage, and you get the picture.

manufacturing industry
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10. Mobile Home Manufacturing

Like many manufacturing jobs, this one involves heavy machinery, tools, and materials that can potentially cause harm. A multitude of hazards make manufacturing jobs dangerous to work in, which account for the 7.8 injuries per 100,000 employees working 40-hour weeks.

A spokesperson from JohnFitch.com commented: “Workplace injuries in America present a harsh reality that underscores the importance of prioritizing worker safety and well-being. Each year, thousands of workers across various industries experience injuries that not only affect their physical health but also have profound consequences on their livelihoods and families.”

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