The Never-Ending Tug-of-War Between Your Bed and Your Motivation in the Morning

Sometimes the simplest action can be the hardest thing to do, like waking up in the morning. You have tapped the snooze button multiple times, covered yourself with your comforter, and ignored the noise outside your room. It’s tempting to not care about the world for once and just lay on your bed the whole day. It’s most challenging when you’re going to work after the holidays — hoping there’s an extra day for vacation. But no matter how many times you turn off your alarm, you have no choice but to start the day.

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For this reason, having motivation is essential to wake up. It’ll help you choose a productive day over sleep. Getting used to extending your bedtime in the morning is an unhealthy habit. A person can have a lot of reasons to stand up and get going. Bawgames started a conversation on Reddit with the question, “What gets you out of bed in the morning? Various people in the comment section have shared their motivations. You might find their answers relatable, and here are a few from the discussion.

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Living with your pets is like having extra alarm clocks telling you to get out of bed. Aside from your fur babies being excited to play all day, tursillo2011 wrote, “The sound of my dog dry heaving downstairs.” Your pet, primarily a dog, could vomit out of hunger. Getting up on time helps avoid waking up in a messy and gross place, especially with carpeted floors. XaliceXwhiterabbitX had a similar answer but in a different context. She commented, “My cat yowling at 6:30 am.”

Loved Ones

You have enough reason to leave your bed if you are a parent, family provider, or anyone many depend on. Being an adult sometimes means committing to your responsibilities for the sake of your loved ones. You live by a schedule that must be followed to avoid missing any errands. As a parent, you must prepare breakfast for your kids before school. Most times, you must wake up to go to work to provide a good life for them. Apart from families, when you serve society in whatever occupation you have, getting up in the morning is the right choice.

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Social Service Providers

When you’re dedicated to serving society, your mornings are filled with motivation to seize the day. Although it can be challenging and exhausting, seeing people in good condition makes everything worth it. “My patients, I work in Hospice, and the thought of not being with these people as they journey to the other side breaks my heart.” TheDevilsLettuce69 answered. Having a job that occupies a huge part of your life can turn it into a purpose rather than work. This comment touched other Redditors, which has indeed given a beautiful reason to begin the day with gratitude.

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The stress of not being able to pay your bills on time is a strong force that will push you to go to work. It’s better to deal with a job that provides you a salary rather than pay late fees. Enduring your 9 to 5 shift is the answer to properly managing your bills. Staying in bed would be more relaxing without the bothersome thought of due dates and your internet being cut off. DanRankin added that, aside from bills, the animals he resides with are his motivation. He’d run to the woods without returning to society if they didn’t live well.


As funny as it may sound, a full bladder can wake your whole system and make you run to the bathroom. A lot of Redditors shared this answer, which is totally relatable and realistic. It’ll wake you up more when someone else uses the toilet and you must stay awake to wait for your turn. If you’re a light sleeper, a full bladder can hinder you from returning to sleep; then you’ll have no choice but to push through your daily routine.

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Grab a cup of joe when you can’t accept that it’s another day you must deal with. Think of your motivation and how great it is that you are fortunate enough to wake up. Make it a habit to be grateful for mornings and getting out of bed. Do not get used to staying an extra minute or hour, or it will backfire at you one day. If you are having trouble because yesterday wasn’t good, are you sure today will be the same? The beauty of waking up is that you can find out what could happen in a day. You get to build memories and fulfill goals that have motivated you to face each rising sun.

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